Our Company History

Van Liews — garden center in Kansas City, MO
About 91 years ago, Clarence and Ernie Van Liew began manufacturing concrete lawn ornaments. By doing so, they became pioneers in the decorative landscape industry. The brothers also featured wood products such as fencing, furniture and trellises, and became well known for their tremendous selection.
Today, Van Liew's features more than 150 different concrete urns and more than 150 working fountains on display, with many hundreds more available. In addition, you'll find concrete tables and benches, statues, bird baths, garden ponds, liners, pumps, fountain heads, filters, weathervanes, sundials, bronze, home decor, and gazing balls.
At Van Liew's, we continue to manufacture our own statuary. But we also stock a wide variety of products from other suppliers across the country. Many of our customers travel great distances to get to us because they know there isn't another store like us anywhere.

Regardless of our success, Van Liew's continues to display the integrity and work ethic unique to a family business. Together with more than a dozen employees, Clarence's son David, David's wife Louise, and Grand-daughter Michelle, are carrying on the practice of serving loyal customers from across the Midwest. They'll make sure you get the products and services you need.
Van Liew's serves both residential and commercial customers in search of unique landscaping accessories. We provide delivery service direct to the job site and stand behind every item we sell.